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phanuwat_co-extrusionMr. Aphicha Thaworn-amornsri who is the Managing Director of Express Plaspack (Thailand) Co.,Ltd, a Thailand's leading flexible packaging solution provider, recently revealed (to that Express Plaspack invested in "Innovative Technology" packaging to catch up with global packaging trend.

And more importantly, this "innovative" packaging technology shall considerably encourage customers to differentiate their finished products from those of their competitors

As people are putting their serious concern on their health,people are changing the way of life and also the way of consumption.

Many people selectively buy the products that have no "harm" to their health.

Mr. Aphicha further mentioned, in business sense, that it is imperative that the company understands and puts strategic focus on this global trend if they do not want to lose their competitive competency or to miss a big business opportunity.

In the long run, the company can not competitively survive if their products have any ingredient or packaging that is harmful to their health.

To help Express Plaspack's client in Thailand's food industry to develop health friendly products, we Express Plaspack invested in an innovative packaging technology. We installed a Windmoller & Holscher (W&H)'s a 300M bath-worth machine with 5-layer co-extrusion technology. Up to now, it is only one machine in Asean country.

With co-extrusion technology, we can produce 5-layer flexible packaging without using solvent or adhesive. This ensures that the packaging from Express Plaspack has no "solvent" article, which is very much harmful to the health of the consumer.

And more importantly, this innovative packaging technology can produce packaging with more effective oxygen & moisture barrier. This shall longer product shelf life. In indirect way, this shall encourage more competitive product cost management.

Mr. Aphicha lastly said that Express Plaspack shall continuely invest in innovative packaging technology to ensure that they can help their client to have products with innovative packaging.



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