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Coextruded film is a multilayer film having peelable interfaces. The interfaces after separation expose a clean non-stacky surface. These peelable layers are created by multilayer polymer co extrusion. The structures can be made on conventional film processing equipment. The peelable interfaces can serve as renewable surfaces, removable coupons, tags, and cards, carrier webs, opening mechanisms and labels. The multi layer co extrusion can be designed for one or two side printing, post converting operation compatibility or for functionality. The layers can be pigmented or modified with other additives. The bond between the layers can be adjusted from low to high.


* Cost effective transparent or opaque films

* Have greater puncture resistance

* Reduced tear propagation

* Extra ordinary anti blocking and slip properties

* Excellent moisture resistance

* High seal integrity for longer shelf life

Coextruded films use resin formulations for each layer to provide specific characteristics. When combined with a laminated support, the properties are magnified. A wide range of polymers like LDPE, LLDPE is used for making these films and a wide array of specialty resins. The most commonly used resins are: * EVOH- High oxygen barrier * Nylon- Strength plus oxygen barrier * EVA- Flexibility and sealability * Matallocene- Wide seal range Resins with custom additives enhance film performance to fit the end use as well as the needs of converting and packaging systems.

Some of the packaging products made using coextruded films are as follows:

* Packaging pouch

* Packaging bags

* Food packaging laminates

* Pharma packaging products



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