Laminated bag / pouch / retort

Laminated bagging is the processing of Flexible Packaging into bag or pouch for final food packing. It is made through lamination of different films into one coherent film in order to improve barrier property. The company produces made-to-order bag and pouch per customer’s requirement, i.e. sizing, specifications, type of bags and openings, including three-side sealed bag, stand up pouch, zipper bag, or gusset bag.

Polymer type: PET, Nylon, PP, LLDPE, EVOH
Feature: Customizable
Application: Chilled, frozen, on shelf, retort, microwavable

by Slimfit Delivery

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Hokkaido Milk Bun
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Potato Bag

stand up pouch

zipper bag

spout pouch

side sealed bag

back sealed bag

gusset bags

special shaped bag